Photography Project under the Department of Architecture, NUS
Professor: Dr Erieta Attali

Non-stop City / Voidscapes is a two volume photographic work that reveal the representation of the city of Singapore through two unique lenses - time and space, unified using the technique of long exposure. The protagonists in photographic representations of Singapore tend to be the glamorous skyline, the tall towers and air-conditioned shopping boulevards, objects and lifestyles that are part of but not limited to Singapore. With the reality changing especially with the pandemic in 2021, it was time to re-evaluate how the city is being looked at and represented, moving away from the representation of the crazy rich in Jon M. Chu's "Crazy Rich Asians", into a realistic and more everyday understanding of the city, through the protagonists of time and space.

Non-stop city is a reflection of a fast city that has slowed down due to the CoVid-19 pandemic. Long exposure is used to create streaks of light, to observe the city through a manifestation of time passing. A quiet and slow atmosphere envelopes the non-stop city.

Voidscapes looks at negative spaces in the city, as transitory spaces, both in the sense of circulation and development. It also suggests and plays with the idea of voids and emptiness, using photography as both a tool and a rejection to the abstract notion of voids.

Sample Spreads